5 al 11 de agosto 2024
Asunción del Paraguay

Andrei Fernández

Special Guest



Andrei Fernández  (1983).

Curator and independent researcher, cultural manager. She holds a degree in Fine Arts (UNT) and has studied Social and Political Anthropology at FLACSO. She has curated numerous exhibitions in independent spaces, museums, and art galleries in different parts of Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, and Portugal. Her research focuses on ancestral technologies and collective memories. She supports artists who reflect on identity and authorship. She has initiated intercultural projects that bring together artists, artisans, and activists.

In 2022, she was the curator of the 110th Visual Arts Salon of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, organized by the Palais de Glace. She was the recipient of the PUENTES scholarship awarded by the Argentine Embassy in the United Kingdom and the Anglo-Argentine Society to carry out a residency at Delfina Foundation in London in early 2023.

She co-coordinates the research and knowledge exchange project "Textiles Semillas" along with curator Michael Dieminger and artist Alejandra Mizrahi, which is part of the 99 Questions Program of Humboldt Forum in Berlin. She lives in the city of Salta, Argentina.

Photo: Matías Maiztegui