5 al 11 de agosto 2024
Asunción del Paraguay

Félix Toranzos

Guest Curator



Félix Toranzos  was born in Asunción, Paraguay, in 1962. He is a visual artist, architect, graphic designer, and set designer. He studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts and Architecture at the National University of Asunción, respectively. He taught drawing and painting classes at the Workshops of the Visual Arts Center. His work is part of the collection of the Paraguayan Museum of Contemporary Art at the Visual Arts Center/Museum of the Mud, Isla de Francia. It is also included in the collection of the Museum of Art of the Americas of the Organization of American States in Washington.

Since 1979, his works have been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions organized by various galleries and art centers in Asunción and abroad.

He was awarded the "Pedro Agüero" prize in its 1998 edition for his artistic trajectory. He won the First Prize in the EXPRESSION competition organized by Fuschia in 2003.

He has participated in various Art Biennials, such as the 9th International Drawing Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka, Yugoslavia; the 1st Latin American Biennial of Art on Paper, Buenos Aires, Argentina; the 19th International Art Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil; the 5th Biennial of the Portrait, Tuzla, Yugoslavia; the 1st Biennial of Young Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina; International Fairs in Lima, Peru; the 1st Biennial of Mercosur Art, Porto Alegre, Brazil; and the 2nd and 4th Biennials of Cuenca, Ecuador. In 2013, he exhibited at the 55th Venice Biennale in the Paraguayan Pavilion.

In 2017, he was awarded the "Maestro del Arte" (Master of Art) distinction instituted by the Senate of the Republic and the Cultural Center of the Republic, El Cabildo.

His work is part of the collection of the Contemporary Art Collection of the TEXO Foundation, as well as the Mendonca Collection.

Currently, he is the Director of the Paraguayan Museum of Contemporary Art at the Visual Arts Center/Museum of the Mud. He also serves as Director and Visual Arts Advisor for the Ida Talavera Foundation. He is an active member of the Association for Visual Arts in Paraguay "Gente de Arte." In 2021, he was appointed Ambassador of the Arts for the Brand Pais. He directs the Cultural Center of the City, Carlos Colombino, Manzana de la Rivera.