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Gustavo Piñero

Guest Curator

Gustavo piñeiro gris


Gustavo Piñero 1973,

Córdoba, Argentina

He studied a degree in Visual Arts at the National University of Córdoba. He founded the experimentation and artwork analysis group Familia Lovera. He participated in workshops at Pequeño Aeropuerto with seminars by Lila Siegrist, Andres Labake, Rafael Cippolini, and Justo Pastor Mellado, as well as the Puesta en Órbita workshop led by Aníbal Buede. In 2011, he took part in the Excursiones workshop conducted by Marcelo Pombo at the Torcuato Di Tella University.

In 1999, he received the first prize at the Salón Ciudad de Córdoba and the ProArte award at the Caraffa Museum. He traveled to France as a resident at the Maison Argentine in Paris, where he later held an exhibition at the Argentine gallery of the Embassy in France. Upon returning to Córdoba, he received the third prize at the Salón de Jóvenes Artistas Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires in 2002. He held an exhibition at the Martorelli Gasser Gallery in 2003, received the Salón de Dibujo de Osde award in 2005, and exhibited at the Espacio Centro gallery in 2006, as well as the Elia Robirosa Gallery in Buenos Aires and the Centro Cultural España Córdoba. He also carried out a project called "Viaje a la Luna," an action, documentation, and appropriation of Odyssey in space through photographs and videos, which he later presented at the Genaro Pérez Museum.

In 2009, he won the First Roggio Prize for Visual Arts GEN, Argentina. He exhibited "Rush Hour" at the Del Infinito gallery in Buenos Aires in 2010 and "Una Fuerza Invisible" at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in 2011, curated by Jorge Sepúlveda and Ilze Petroni. The same year, he showcased "Simulacro" at the El Gran Vidrio gallery.

In 2013, he became the founding coordinator of the association of visual artists in Córdoba, starting with the first meeting held at his own home. Three years of debate, minutes, and voting followed in search of consensus to work collectively and represent the interests of visual artists to the municipality. They also established connections with various artists' associations in Argentina, Chile, and Spain. Celeste Martinez, Soledad Sánchez Goldar, Damián Linossi, among others, actively participated in this initiative.

In 2014, invited by the Octavio de la Colina Museum in La Rioja, Argentina, he exhibited "Subte - After Kippenberger," curated by Lucía Arias. The exhibition featured a mobile subway, addressing one of the recurring themes in his work as an artist and curator: the dialogue of scenes and new meeting points among artists.

In 2015, at the El Gran Vidrio gallery and curated by Lila Siegrist, he presented "No Matarás," a collection of essays on violence that included a large installation with photographs, objects, videos, and collaborative works with other artists, including Nicanor Araoz (sharing three days of drawing and readings on violence). In the same year, he received the Amigo del Interior scholarship, led by Mario Scorzelli, Ángeles Ascúa, and Lucrecia Lionti, with courses taught by Martín Legón, Carlos Huffman, Cecilia Szalkowicz, Gastón Pérsico, and Javier Villa.

Among his collective exhibitions, the "Tour de Fan Boys" held at CSTLL 2011 in Catamarca and "Un globo Rojo" in Córdoba, alongside Pablo Peisino, stand out. He also took part in the project "Las buenas Prácticas" at the Cepia of the National University of Córdoba. Additionally, he participated in the ArteBA Fair from 2005 to 2015 and Scope Miami. His works are part of public and private collections, notably the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

He served as the Curator of the Art Market Fair of Córdoba in 2015 and 2016 and as the General Curator of the Genaro Pérez Museum in the city of Córdoba from 2017 until March 2020. His curatorial projects are characterized by promoting federal initiatives within contemporary Argentine art and exploring the relationships and connections between artistic scenes. Notable programs include "Provincias Unidas del Sur" and "Mujeres Latinoamericanas." He has also been a speaker at cultural policy forums and debates, such as the Foro de Políticas Culturales de Tucumán in 2017, the Macba in Buenos Aires for the national visual arts scene discussion, and the Microferia de Rosario on fairs and art in Argentina. Additionally, he has been a speaker at the ACERCA seminar on curatorial translations and issues in space at the Parque de España Cultural Center. In 2021, he curated "Cruces de Colecciones Públicas y Privadas de Corrientes" at the Vidal Museum, and in 2022, he served as the Artistic Director of the ArteCo fair in Corrientes. Currently, he is in charge of the General Curatorship of the ArteCo 2023 fair.