5 al 11 de agosto 2024
Asunción del Paraguay

Richar De Itatí

Special Guest



Richard De Itatí (Corrientes, 1980) is a contemporary artist, teacher, curator, and cultural manager. He has worked with photography, performance, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, and painting. For more than ten years, he has dedicated himself to ceramics using ancestral Guarani techniques. He founded and managed key residencies and collective projects in Corrientes, such as Yaguá Rincón, and in Chaco, San Pedro Pescador. With artists from the former, he participated in arteBA 2008 and 2009. In 2023, his cultural management work was compiled in the book "Yaguá Rincón," published by the India imprint, with the support of the Institute of Culture of Corrientes. Alongside the book's presentation, a tribute and exhibition were held at Arteco 2023.

He obtained a degree in Visual Arts Education and pursued a specialization in Visual Arts at the Josefina Contte Higher Institute in Corrientes in 2009 and 2003. There, he also led the Experimental Art workshop between 2010 and 2013. He participated in art clinics with Diana Aisenberg, Esteban Álvarez, Patricia Hakim, Roberto Amigo, Rafael Cippollini, Marina de Caro, among others, through various scholarships from FNA, Fundación Antorchas, and the Institute of Culture of the province. In 2023, he is pursuing a Master's Degree in Visual Arts Curatorship at UNTREF.

His work is part of private collections in Argentina and is preserved in the collections of museums such as the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Dr. Juan R. Vidal and the Ñande Mac de Arte Contemporáneo in Corrientes.

The artist describes his work as follows:

"For more than ten years, I have been working to recover the pottery tradition in Corrientes, especially in my hometown, Itatí, which was a vital ceramics center until 1936. I specialize in Guarani and Arawuak ancestral techniques, which I reclaim through my art. Alongside contemporary art, I create a synthesis of three cultures from different times, engaging in a dialogue. With the earth and water (clay), I mold an idea, a form, stories, cultures, localities-territories. With patience and fire, they crystallize into unique ceramic objects."