Gustavo Riego



Gustavo Riego (Brussels, 1983) is an active artist living in Asuncion, Paraguay since 2019. He holds a Specialized Master's in Art in Public Space (2009) from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where he studied under Guy Massaux. He has exhibited in various institutions and galleries across Europe, Latin America, and North America, and his work is part of important collections. He was one of the founders of the independent art space "Le Sceptre" in Brussels in 2014. He began his curatorial work in Paraguay in 2023 with the creation of another independent space named RoomServiceIntl. in the city of Asuncion. The aim of the space is to exhibit national and international artists. The selection is designed to present contemporary art from the new generation and convey it to the present and future, fostering debates about perception and our value systems. The space aims to be a resonating chamber where power struggles develop, amplifying public awareness through the intersection of cultures and artistic practices.